Who We Are

More than words on a page. It’s where we come from, who we are, and what we are becoming.

Our Legacy

Everybody has a story. A beginning and an end is all it takes to write a story; but it takes passion, purpose, and perseverance to create a legacy.

Passion is what separates the average from the extraordinary; it is the difference between good and great. Without passion you are just another name, just another face, just another company. That is why we choose not to simply tell our story; we want to share with you our legacy.

The legacy of Country Metals began in 1995 when our founder, Paul Reiff, acted on his passion to see quality materials, expertise, and a commitment to customer service with integrity brought together in one place to provide custom building solutions to the people of Ashland and Richland counties. From the very beginning Country Metals has been dedicated to the simple idea that when your purpose is to give your best to those you serve, it makes all the difference. So that’s exactly what we’ve been doing for over 20 years; giving our best and nothing less.

To us the word legacy is not past tense. The Country Metals legacy is something that we strive to advance each day, and actively pursue with every customer who walks through our doors. We have no plans to rest where we are, and we have no interest in coasting. Due to our perseverance we now passionately serve over 12 counties throughout Ohio, and that is only the beginning. So if you haven’t already, join us as we continue to live the legacy that makes Country Metals what it is today, and with your trust, what it will be tomorrow.

Our Team

Passion personified - that’s how we like to refer to our team. In all we do, ours is a relentless quest for your satisfaction.


We consider our customers friends, and our friends are our best advertisement. Become one today!

Country Metals is an A+, top-notch outfit. I have been doing business with them for 10 years and 100% of my product comes from them. I would highly recommend Country Metals, they bend over backwards to get products for me and delivered to me.

- Mark Staschke